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For golf-lovers, we offer top-quality accommodations near the Varadero Golf Club, the only 18-hole course on Cuba. We are the perfect complement for golf-centered vacations, because our services are designed as a function of the player and his companions.

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Hole details 1
Distance 533 yards
Par 5
HCP 10


A relatively easy par 5, with a wide fairway and light rough. The out of bounds is located on the left, separated from the practice range by a white line. Large green protected by sand traps.

Hole details 2
Distance 410 yards
Par 4
HCP 14


As the name indicates, it is limited by marshland on the left and by a large sand trap. Consequently, the first stroke should be played, as much as possible, to the center of the fairway in order to access a large and narrow green but easy to reach.

Hole details 3
Distance 190 yards
Par 3


The easiest hole on the course, from where the par can be easily seen by all.

Hole details 4
Distance 587 yards
Par 5


The longest hole on the course. The first stroke to the left side of the fairway would offer more visibility for a second stroke, exactly in front of an elevated green well protected by sand traps.

Hole details 5
Distance 387 yards
Par 4


Normally in case of crosswinds, the first stroke should be aimed at the center of the fairway, since it is well protected by a sand trap on the right and by Bermuda rough on the left. The green, as in most cases, is large but protected by sand traps.

Hole details 6
Distance 182 yards
Par 3


Par 3, usually affected by crosswinds, and with a large narrow green protected by two huge sand traps on either side.

Hole details 7
Distance 487 yards
Par 5
HCP 16


The first Dogleg of the course is located on the left, therefore the first drive should be played towards the left side of the fairway for a better second stoke. Elevated green protected by coconut palm trees and sand traps.

Hole details 8
Distance 179 yards
Par 3


Despite its matchless beauty, this is a frightening hole with elevated tee and green, including a constant breeze, which make it one of the most attractive holes on the course.

Hole details 9
Distance 346 yards
Par 4
HCP 12


Short par 4, however the player must have a well defined strategy before attempting to play. The first stoke is aimed towards the left side of the fairway, always trying to avoid the enormous pine which could complicate the hole. The green is well protected by sand traps.

Hole details 10
Distance 553 yards
Par 5
HCP 11


Your biggest problem is that the wind is usually against the player and also the lakes begin at this hole. The second stroke is important since the fairway becomes narrow and is protected by an immense sand trap. A green with marked slopes makes it a challenging hole.

Hole details 11
Distance 405 yards
Par 4


Second Dogleg hole. The first stroke should be played towards the right of the sand traps. This will enable the player to reach an elevated green with little visibility and protected by 3 sand traps which are not visible from the 2nd stroke position.

Hole details 12
Distance 203 yards
Par 3
HCP 13


Par 3 with a narrow and very large green. The large sand trap on the left makes it even more complicated.

Hole details 13
Distance 384 yards
Par 4
HCP 17


A short par 4. The use of irons will make it easier to play. It has elevated large green and sand traps on either side.

Hole details 14
Distance 374 yards
Par 4
HCP 15


Third Dogleg hole; green with little visibility from the first tee. It is advisable to play the 150 yards mark with irons. The bottom can be reached easily from the green.

Hole details 15
Distance 455 yards
Par 4


Par 4, besides being the longest on the course, it has a green formed like an island. Therefore the player must make a good first stroke in order to reach a good position on the green.

Hole details 16
Distance 557 yards
Par 5


Most representative hole on the field, formed by 3 islands. Players must know the distances from this hole. Large narrow green, well protected by sand traps.

Hole details 17
Distance 215 yards
Par 3


The longest par 3 on the fairway, with an elevated green protected by sand traps. Usually affected by crosswinds.

Hole details 18
Distance 409 yards
Par 4


One of the most beautiful holes on the course and also very challenging since the wind has a great influence. The fairway is protected by a large sand trap. The first stroke should be played exactly to the left side of the fairway. Green with marked slopes and no visibility from the second stoke.


  • - 18 holes; 72 par: 5 par 5 and 5 par 3 ; remaining 8 are par 4.
  • - 6 269 linear meters of trajectory between the First Tee or starting point and Green>

Three features of golf design are combined on this Lay Out:

  1. "Classic design", broad roads bordered by trees, wide and scarcely protected greens.
  2. Challenging or "Target Golf design", modern style with narrow roads and heavily protected greens surrounded by sand traps and lakes. The Varadero Golf Course has several salt-water lakes that connect directly with the sea, a feature that makes it almost unique worldwide.
  3. "Links design", with holes located alongside the sea following the shoreline, introducing the ocean as another obstacle in the game.

Due to its configuration, the course is divided into two distinct areas. A first round from holes one to nine, that can be considered slightly easier, and a second round, from holes 10 to 18, where holes 11, 15. 16. 17 and 18 stand out for their individual complexity.
This allows golf players to combine all the technical elements of the game with the beauty, peacefulness and quiet of the surroundings.

The Club House of the Varadero Golf Club has a golf players´ reception at the Caddie House, also including a Pro Shop and Snack Bar.
They have facilities and experience in organizing international golf tournaments.

Golf course areas

Golfing area 39.7 Ha
Greens 1.5 Ha
Ante-Greens 2.0 Ha
Tees 2.0 Ha
Fairways 23.9 Ha
Rough 10.3 Ha
Indigenous woods 3.3 Ha
Lagoons 13.4 Ha
Internal roads 3.7 Ha
Parks and other architectural features 0.9 Ha
Total Area 100.7 Ha
Varadero Golf Club

The Club House of the Varadero Golf Club has a Pro Shop (07:00 hrs. to 19:00 hrs.) where you can find a selection of golf products, an snack bar “Hoyo 19”, free club storage for all golfers, toilets, lockers, electric golf cart and club rental.

The practice areas include: a 300 meter Driving Range with 20 roofed bays, practice tees, putting green, chipping green and 2 practice bunkers.

Practice areas are structured to allow for instruction to be imparted indoors, including the use of accessories, golf clubs and practice balls. The Golf Academy has designed various programs following international sports guidelines, rules and golf ethics. Anyone interested in taking up this fascinating sport may learn its secrets attend one-hour sessions that start at 9:00 a.m. with a maximum of four students per instructor.

Public rates

Green fee 18 holes 2500 CUP
Bucket of 25 balls for Driving Range 75 CUP
Storage Free
Golf Lessons (50 min.) 750 CUP
Golf Basket-Golf Club Hire (TaylorMade) 750 CUP
Motorised golf cart (price x pax) 750 CUP
Green fee from 16:00 hrs / Twilight 1500 CUP
Lockers 37.5 CUP
  • - A 10 % tax will be applied to all rates at Varadero Golf Club
  • - Golf Motorised Cart mandatory
  • - Rental Golf Club: Right and Left handed, Men and Ladies Taylor Made model R-7
  • - Green Fee (Does not include motorised golf cart)
  • - Direct payment at Varadero Golf Club Pro Shop (07:00 hrs-19:00 hrs)
  • - Transfers to the Golf Course / Varadero Golf Club, not included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who designed the golf course?

The Varadero Golf Club was designed by architect Les Furber, President of the Canadian company, Golf Design Services LTD (GDS), from Calgary, Alberta. Furber has designed many courses in the area: Glen Eagles, Carnmoney, etc. With regards to Varadero, its design presents a great challenge both for more experienced players and beginners.

Is the golf course opened every day?

The Varadero Golf Club is opened every day of the week, from 7 hrs to 19hrs.

Are there practice facilities?

The golf course has extensive practice areas, including a Driving Range with 20 spots for practicing the long version of the game. It also has practice tees with natural grass, as well as 2 putting greens, chipping green and 2 practice bunkers.

Is there a golf coordinator?

The golf coordinator is based in the lobby of Meliá Las Americas. The coordinator will provide all information related to your golf package and can also be contacted by phone or email.

How does one book tee times?

You can book your tee times through our golf coordinator, to whom you must send the date and time you wish to play, as well as the hotel of your choice. Players must book at least 3 months in advance in order to guarantee the tee times requested.

Which services are included for golfers staying at Meliá Las Americas?

Golfers will enjoy unique personalized attention, the only one of its kind in Cuba, which includes pre-booked tee times via email, unlimited green fee from May 1 to October 31, and special green fee rates during the rest of the year. This is the only hotel with direct access to the golf course, located only 2 minutes away. The specialized program for golfers includes introductory lessons by Canadian professional golf players (during the winter). For more information, please contact our golf specialist

What is not included?

The electric golf cart is not included, which is compulsory and shall be paid directly at the golf course. Food and drink at the Varadero Golf Club is not included in the golf round: the golf course has two beverage carts and a cafeteria, "Hoyo 19", which caters to players.

Is it necessary to present a handicap endorsed by a golf association?

In order to play at the Varadero Golf Club, an endorsed handicap is not necessary, unless it is required by the tournament.

Do you offer Caddie service?

No, the Club House does not offer caddie service.

Are there golf clubs storage facilities?

Yes, the Varadero Golf Club provides free storage of golf clubs.

Is it possible to rent golf clubs? What types of clubs are available?

Yes, players can rent a bag of clubs at the Club House of the golf course. The clubs are Taylor Made R7 and in perfect condition.

Is it possible to rent golf shoes?

No, the Club House does not offer golf shoes rental service

Are there tournaments throughout the year?

Yes, there are reserved tournaments throughout the year, especially during the months of April through October. For more information check the Events section of our website or contact our golf specialist.

Is it possible to take golf lessons?

Meliá Las Americas offers golf initiation lessons for beginners every winter from November to April. These lessons are provided by Canadian professional golfers. Moreover, the Club House of the golf course offers year round golf lessons offered by its professional players, which shall be paid directly at the golf course. For more information, please contact our golf specialist.

Which are the most complex holes of the field?

There are some really interesting holes. For example, Hole 8 is a highly complex Par 3, where the direction of the wind varies even during the same day. Hole 16 is a par 5 made up by 3 islands that will test your skills with every shot. Finally, Hole 18 is one of the most beautiful and challenging in the Caribbean. For more details about the golf course, please consult the Golf Course section.

How far are the Meliá Cuba hotels from the Golf Course?

- Meliá las Américas: 150 m. - Meliá Varadero: 500 m. - Meliá las Antillas: 3 Km. - Paradisus Varadero: 6km - Paradisus Princesa del Mar: 12 Km. - Sol Palmeras: 1.5 Km. - Sol Sirenas Coral: 2 Km. - Tryp Península Varadero: 10 Km.

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