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Varadero is Cuba's sun and beach destination par excellence. With a turquoise sea of stunning transparency and more than 20 kilometers of the finest white sand, it is located only 140 km from Havanna. This beach is set apart by its warm temperature and its shallow waters free of rocks and vegetation. This destination also features low wave level and few rainy days on average, which makes it possible to enjoy bathing almost all year round. The country's highest number of hotel rooms is concentrated here, as well as a broad network of complementary services.

Things to do in Varadero?

La Bodeguita del Medio de Varadero, Varadero - Cuba
La Bodeguita del Medio de Varadero

An icon of Cuban cuisine famed worldwide for its delicious mojitos. Here you’ll find the most traditional Cuban dishes.

Playa Varadero, Varadero - Cuba
Playa Varadero

Classified by TripAdvisor as one the five best beaches in the world, Varadero is a natural paradise thanks to its calm waters, excellent climate and endless strip of white sand.

Bar-restaurant The Beatles, Varadero - Cuba
Bar-restaurant The Beatles

The busiest and liveliest place in Varadero at night. A special place for sharing with friends or family accompanied by good music.

Dolphin Pool, Varadero - Cuba
Dolphin Pool

There are dolphin shows at various times of day. These lovable creatures are capable of performing amazing jumps and balancing acts, but also pose beside visitors for photographs, and you can also get in the water with them.

Josone Park, Varadero - Cuba
Josone Park

This oasis of peace in the heart of Varadero is a real natural gem. Its interior lake, typical resort architecture and attractive eateries are all designed to ensure you’ll enjoy special moments during your stay.

Península de Zapata, Varadero - Cuba
Península de Zapata

This land of marshes and mangrove swamps is one of the best-preserved natural landscapes on the island. Besides the wealth of plants and wildlife, you can visit places of vital importance in Cuba’s history, like Playa Larga and Playa Girón.

Cayo Blanco – Catamarán, Varadero - Cuba
Cayo Blanco – Catamarán

Enjoy the magnificent coastal views you’ll see on this catamaran trip: You’ll be thrilled with Cayo Blanco’s lovely beach and the delicious seafood served there.

Mansión Xanadú, Varadero - Cuba
Mansión Xanadú

This house, built in the first decades of the 20th Century, is a classic reference of architecture in Varadero. It has a bar-restaurant where you can enjoy one of the most sublime views of this famous beach.

Cueva de Saturno, Varadero - Cuba
Cueva de Saturno

An imposing natural wonder, this cave has stunning large caverns and crystal-clear underground waters, where you can cool off with a dip.

Tropicana Matanzas, Varadero - Cuba
Tropicana Matanzas

Cuba’s most famous evening show awaits you in the city of Matanzas, which is not far from Varadero. The best of the island’s dance and music will ensure you spend an idyllic evening under the stars.

City of Matanzas, Varadero - Cuba
City of Matanzas

Known as the Athens of Cuba, this beautiful coastal city is steeped in cultural and artistic history. As it is sited next to a large bay, the views are unbeatable.

Cueva Ambrosio, Varadero - Cuba
Cueva Ambrosio

Home to pre-Columbian Indians first and later to escaped slaves and pirates, this 300-metre cave contains around 47 pre-Columbian paintings.

City of Cárdenas, Varadero - Cuba
City of Cárdenas

Known as the City of Firsts, it was one of the most important sites for the sugar industry in Cuba. That rich history is seen in its architecture and in its people’s wonderful traditions.

Playa Coral, Varadero - Cuba
Playa Coral

Almost deserted and bathed by calm waters, its beauty lies in its incredible pinkish coral sand, the warmth of its blue-green waters and the splendour of more than 2 km of coral reefs.

La Habana, Varadero - Cuba
La Habana

The island’s capital is a magnificent universe spanning 500 years of history. A city where architecture, art and popular culture show the complex and beautiful side of Cuba.

Cienfuegos, Varadero - Cuba

This French heritage city, called the Pearl of Southern Cuba, is famed for its beautiful architecture and how it blends in with the natural surroundings of the bay it hugs and the nearby Sierra del Escambray mountains.

Yumurí Valley, Varadero - Cuba
Yumurí Valley

This beautiful natural landscape, ideal for hikers, opens out next to the city of Matanzas. A tour of the area will show you how Cubans live off the land and an insight into their traditions.

Canimar River and Natural Park, Varadero - Cuba
Canimar River and Natural Park

You’ll find beautiful natural scenery along the river banks. Boat rides starting at the river mouth are a great way to see this remarkable landscape.

Casa del Ron, Varadero - Cuba
Casa del Ron

Uncover the incredible stories of the best Cuban rums. A universe of aromas and sensations linked to the production of sugar and the art of the island’s best rum masters.

Diving in Varadero, Varadero - Cuba
Diving in Varadero

Seabeds teeming with life make Varadero an ideal scuba-diving site that is easily accessible from any hotel or the marinas dotted along the peninsula.

Iglesia Santa Elvira, Varadero - Cuba
Iglesia Santa Elvira

This beautiful church in the town of Varadero is one of the classic architectural buildings in this famous resort. It still provides the community with religious services.

Taller de Cerámica Artística, Varadero - Cuba
Taller de Cerámica Artística

A perfect place to discover Varadero’s local culture, where master potters devise their objects in an ambience of creativity and ingenuity.

Museo municipal de Varadero, Varadero - Cuba
Museo municipal de Varadero

A must-visit for anyone wishing to learn first-hand about the history of this popular resort. Photographs, objects and documents show how it was established and then developed.

Plaza Las Morlas, Varadero - Cuba
Plaza Las Morlas

This tourist village offers a variety of leisure and entertainment options around its splendid promenade. Perfect for fans of scuba-diving, fishing and other sea activities, there’s also plenty to occupy couples, families and groups on business or leisure trips.

Arts & Crafts Square, Varadero - Cuba
Arts & Crafts Square

Arts & Crafts Square: This square in the heart of the resort gathers the most outstanding artisans and artists in the region. It’s ideal if you’re looking for a typical souvenir of the island.

Sauto Theater, Varadero - Cuba
Sauto Theater

A benchmark heritage building in the city of Matanzas, Sauto is a gem in the history of Cuban theatre and architecture.

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