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Varadero is Cuba's sun and beach destination par excellence. With a turquoise sea of stunning transparency and more than 20 kilometers of the finest white sand, it is located only 140 km from Havanna. This beach is set apart by its warm temperature and its shallow waters free of rocks and vegetation. This destination also features low wave level and few rainy days on average, which makes it possible to enjoy bathing almost all year round. The country's highest number of hotel rooms is concentrated here, as well as a broad network of complementary services.

Things to do in Varadero?

Arts & Crafts Square, Varadero - Cuba
Arts & Crafts Square

That souvenir you are searching for or the little artisanal treasure you desire can be found in this colourful square which features the best of local artistry.

Canimar River and Natural Park, Varadero - Cuba
Canimar River and Natural Park

Around the Canimar River, one of the deepest in Cuba, there is a park that invites visitors to enjoy its peaceful natural beauty with horse or boat rides or fishing and snorkelling excursions. The river flows into the bay of Matanzas next to the Morrillo Castle, built in 1720.

Casa de la Música, Varadero - Cuba
Casa de la Música

The main tourist destinations of Cuba have their own Casa de la Música, a name which defines the best dance spaces in the country. The Casa de la Música of Varadero features the most renowned salsa musicians and other popular music inviting guests to follow the beats between drinks.

Casa del Ron, Varadero - Cuba
Casa del Ron

The House of Rum is the ideal place for trying Cuban rums, along with a real Habano cigar. You can also learn about the history and the production process of the “happy son of sugar cane”.

Cave complex, Varadero - Cuba
Cave complex

An entire underground world extends to the far reaches of the Hicacos Peninsula. The Musulmanes, Vizcaino and Ambrosio caves, where there are aboriginal pictographs, are an appealing labyrinth not just for caving fans.

City of Cárdenas, Varadero - Cuba
City of Cárdenas

The oldest statue in the western hemisphere dedicated to Admiral Christopher Columbus was erected in 1862 in a park in the old City of Cárdenas. Founded next to the eponymous bay, southwest of Varadero, in the 19th century it was the centre of one of the most productive sugar plantation areas in Cuba and the site where the national flag was first hoisted.

City of Matanzas, Varadero - Cuba
City of Matanzas

Known as the Creole Venice for the high number of bridges that set it apart, the City of Matanzas is located on a beautiful bay, beside the Yumuri and San Juan Rivers. Parque Libertad is the main town square which is home to some valuable historic buildings such as the Pharmaceutical Museum. The Sauto theatre and the Museum of the Slave Route, the first of its kind in the Americas, is also among the main attractions of Matanzas.

Commercial area seafront, Varadero - Cuba
Commercial area seafront

Shops, bars, specialist restaurants, function room, bowling alley, arts and crafts gallery... numerous spaces to round off the All-Inclusive options and to share with visitors to the Marina Gaviota Punta Hicacos. There are also marina services here (berth and mooring), a diving centre and a catamaran terminal, always with interesting options for sea lovers.

Cueva de Saturno, Varadero - Cuba
Cueva de Saturno

A beautiful cave with an underground spring that has created a natural pool reaching a depth of 22 metres and accessible to snorkelers. Crystal clear, cool water in the pool, as well as a bar, relaxation areas and toilets.

Dolphin Pool, Varadero - Cuba
Dolphin Pool

There are dolphin shows at various times of day. These lovable creatures are capable of performing amazing jumps and balancing acts, but also pose beside visitors for photographs, and you can also get in the water with them.

Guamá Crocodile Breeding Farm, Varadero - Cuba
Guamá Crocodile Breeding Farm

Approximately 10 000 specimens of the 16 species of crocodiles are raised at the Crocodile Breeding Farm in Guamá, Zapata peninsula, approximately 100 km from Varadero. Visitors may view the Cuban and American species as they sleep in the mud or taste its meat at the neighboring restaurant that specializes in exotic dishes.

Josone Park, Varadero - Cuba
Josone Park

This park is an oasis of calm stretching over nine hectares, almost half of the Hicacos Peninsula, and so considered by many to be its green lung. It boasts an artificial lagoon and several restaurants.

Marina Gaviota Punta Hicacos, Varadero - Cuba
Marina Gaviota Punta Hicacos

Situated on the tip of Hicacos Peninsula, this marina aims to become the largest marina on the Island and is therefore extending its mooring capacity and has created the full infrastructure necessary to service the tourist yachts. This marina is already very well known in Varadero for its recreational activities, such as trips on the Crucero del Sol, catamaran sailing, diving, life onboard and fishing.

Nature reserve, Varadero - Cuba
Nature reserve

Several years ago the most oriental part of the Hicacos Peninsula was designated an ecological reserve so as to protect its flora and fauna. Varahicacos is the name of this great environmental project which also aims to preserve the numerous caves where evidence of the first inhabitants of the island can be seen.

Playa Coral, Varadero - Cuba
Playa Coral

Just a few kilometres from Varadero, this beach is excellent for snorkelling and admiring many different species of fish, plants and, of course, coral.

Plaza América Convention Center, Varadero - Cuba
Plaza América Convention Center

The main centre for business tourism in Varadero, equipped with the spaces, technology, staff and experience required for this area. One of the highlights of its facilities is the plenary room, accommodating 500 people, and the exhibition area, covering almost 2,000 m2. Opened in 1997, it recently underwent a complete renovation.

Plaza Las Morlas - Marina Gaviota Varadero, Varadero - Cuba
Plaza Las Morlas - Marina Gaviota Varadero

In the far north of the Hicacos peninsula, home of the most famous beach in Cuba, the tourist village Plaza Las Morlas has many leisure and entertainment options along its splendid promenade. This new Varadero resort features gastronomic, entertainment, well-being and water sports options along with a great resort combining beach and marina. See more »

Sauto Theater, Varadero - Cuba
Sauto Theater

Founded on April 6, 1863, it is one of the most renowned cultural institutions of Latin America. This magnificent neoclassical building has excellent acoustics and was declared a National Monument.

Tropicana Matanzas, Varadero - Cuba
Tropicana Matanzas

Just 20 minutes' drive from Varadero is this nightspot under the stars, modelled on the famous Tropicana cabaret in Havana. An attractive option for enjoying the finest Cuban cocktails and a wide range of music by over 200 artists.

Varadero Golf Club, Varadero - Cuba
Varadero Golf Club

A narrow stretch, parallel to the beach, of more than 60 hectares, with playing areas, forests of native vegetation and lagoons, making it an enormously attractive setting. Club House with all the services required for enjoying the golf experience on the only professional course in Cuba and with one of the best designs in the Caribbean.

Yumurí Valley, Varadero - Cuba
Yumurí Valley

Located in the outskirts of the city of Matanzas, The Yumurí valley offers one of the most spellbinding views in Cuba. There are many lookout points in the mountains (150 m) that surround the valley, interrupted only towards the west. However, the best perspective of the Valley can be seen from the viewpoint at the Bacunayagua Bridge (the highest in the country and considered one of the seven wonders of Cuban engineering) from where the splendor of the valley can bee fully appreciated. There are ecotourism trails in the valley that lead to an old native settlement, a flower farm and to a cove on the mouth of the Bacunayagua River, where tourists can enjoy a refreshing swim.

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