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Dream beaches with warm, shallow waters are the main attraction of Cayo Santa María, which with its 13 km2 of surface area has been declared Biosphere Reserve by the Unesco. In recent years, a top-notch tourist infrastructure has been created, which allows for maximum enjoyment of this destination's natural qualities. An impressive highway over the sea bridges the more than 40 km that separate the small island from the settlement of Caibarién, to the north of the central province of Villa Clara.

Things to do in Cayo Santa María?

Santa Clara, Cayo Santa María - Cuba
Santa Clara

Known as the City of Ché, Santa Clara is steeped in history and has a great many wonderful cultural traditions. Visit the many sites of interest in this popular city followed by relaxed evenings with Cuba’s truly pleasant people.

Santa Maria Beach, Cayo Santa María - Cuba
Santa Maria Beach

A long strip of beach stretches along the entire north coast of the key, lapped by calm, warm waters where you can enjoy a relaxing dip almost all year round.

Dolphin Pool in Cayo Santa María, Cayo Santa María - Cuba
Dolphin Pool in Cayo Santa María

A special place where you can delight in dolphins’ acrobatic skills and even swim with them.

Town of San Juan de los Remedios, Cayo Santa María - Cuba
Town of San Juan de los Remedios

A popular city in Cuba’s central area, Remedios is the perfect place to discover popular traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation. Local architecture and the history of the Parrandas Christmas festival are especially interesting.

Buque San Pascual, Cayo Santa María - Cuba
Buque San Pascual

As this old sunken ship near the key is a refuge for marine life, it is extremely attractive for scuba-diving and snorkelling fans.

Diving in Cayo Santa María, Cayo Santa María - Cuba
Diving in Cayo Santa María

Seabeds teeming with life make Cayo Santa María an ideal scuba-diving site that is easily accessible from any hotel or the marinas dotted around the key.

Jardines del Rey coral reef, Cayo Santa María - Cuba
Jardines del Rey coral reef

Cayo Santa María is next to the extensive coral reef in northern Cuba. It is the second most important in the world due to its size and seabed life, a spectacle that you can admire on walks and guided dives.

Tourist villages of La Estrella and Las Dunas, Cayo Santa María - Cuba
Tourist villages of La Estrella and Las Dunas

The key’s tourist villages provide visitors with ample entertainment and leisure options. Both Plaza Estrella and Plaza Las Dunas have shops and malls, cafeterias, clubs, play areas and beauty centres.

Biodiversity, Cayo Santa María - Cuba

Northern Cuban keys are in a large, well-preserved ecological area where you can observe many of the region’s plant and wildlife species.

Cienfuegos, Cayo Santa María - Cuba

This French heritage city, called the Pearl of Southern Cuba, is famed for its beautiful architecture and how it blends in with the natural surroundings of the bay it hugs and the nearby Sierra del Escambray mountains.

Paseos en catamarán, Cayo Santa María - Cuba
Paseos en catamarán

While you’re staying at the key you can go on interesting catamaran trips along the coast or visit other nearby keys—ideal opportunities for a refreshing swim or just relaxing in the cool sea breeze.

Isla Paraíso, Cayo Santa María - Cuba
Isla Paraíso

This unspoilt landscape off the key’s coastline is perfect for fully immersing yourself in the most exquisite peace or simply for getting close to the destination’s rich ecological diversity.

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